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The facility was established in 1958 initially as a vet clinic, and then as a boarding facility in the historic orchard area of Beaconsfield. The resort is surrounded by hills in Melbourne’s most scenic greenbelt.

The resort is set on acreage on the Beaconsfield-Emerald Rd, with exotic lush gardens. Recently the facility has undergone major modernisation. All suites have garden views, and dogs are exercised on grass lawns.

The business changed its name in January 2007 to Beaconsfield-Berwick Pet Resort in line with the new world class facilities and levels of care provided.

The facility is audited each year by the Shire of Cardinia to ensure it complies with the Code of Practice for the Keeping and Boarding of Pets.

The resort is currently undergoing accreditation with the Pet Industry Association of Australia.

Beaconsfield-Berwick the Purr-fect Pet Resort

Beaconsfield Hills
Beaconsfield Hills
Local Birdlife
Local Birdlife

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